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Our names are Josh and Leah Befus. Flowers, travelling, relaxing on the beach, good coffee, and going outdoors are a few of our favorite things. We both grew up overseas, one in Latin America and one in Africa.  We met in college and married in 2015 and after graduating, we moved from Grand Rapids, Michigan to the great Northwest. We now live in Nampa, Idaho and serve the surrounding area. 

Spera Floral is about hope. We believe that flowers communicate love, beauty, and awe; inviting hope into the relationships we cultivate. At the end of the day, we realize that flowers will wither, but the relationships we foster with them are never lost. To that end, our goal is to allow flowers to be used a tool to enrich your relationships.

"I first fell in love with arranging flowers while helping put together bouquets at my oldest sister's wedding in 2012. Since then I've dreamed of them being a part of my life. From the ones gathered loosely on my kitchen table to the stunning peonies that accompanied me down the aisle; they draw me in to pause in awe at the grandeur of their beauty. Flowers communicate a message without using words, and it is a message I want to share."

                                      - Leah

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